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Getting Started

Welcome to Notifia!

Get started with Notifia tools and explore our full suite of marketing tools

Create your Account

Visit our signup page and create your Notifia account. It takes less than 30-seconds to create an account.

Install Notifia Pixel

Next, we need to establish a connection between the Notifia Platform and your website. Copy the Notifia Pixel displayed during the signup flow.
You can integrate the Notifia Pixel into all major platforms. We've covered the most popular platforms for our customers below.
Custom Site
Google Tag Manager
To Install the Notifia Pixel on a Custom Site please navigate to the Source Code of the page(s) you wish to display Notifications on.
Locate the <head></head> tag and paste your code snippet directly before the closing </head> tag.
<!-- This Script is for Demo Puproses Only - You can locate your
Custom Script @ -->
<!--Notifia -->
<script>(function (d,s,i)
{ var j = d.createElement('script');
j.async = true; = 'notifia'; j.src = '';
j.setAttribute('initialize',i); d.head.appendChild(j); })( document, 'script', 'nSqcrWkEh');</script>
<!-- End Notifia -->
You can install Notifia on Wordpress by visiting the page below and Installing the Official Notifia Wordpress Plugin!
Once Installed, login to your Notifia account to establish a connection and you're good to go! 🎉
Select Custom HTML Tag, and paste your Notifia Code Snippet in the tag and select to trigger on "All pages"
Save & Publish the Changes
From your Shopify Dashboard, please go to '‘Edit Site'’ Then open: theme.liquid from here, simply locate the <head> tag and insert the Notifia Pixel after this tag. Any questions? Our support team will be happy to help getting started!
Once installed, the Installation Box will update to Green. You can always check back to this page in future if you feel there's an issue with your installation.
Awesome! You've not integrated Notifia - Lets get you up and running with your first Campaign! 🚀
Need a hand installing your Pixel? Our support team will be happy to help you getting started. We also offer a complimentary installation service for all users.
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