Notifia Docs

Creating a Campaign

Setting up your first campaign couldn't be easier! Visit the dashboard and hit the big green button that says "New Campaign" and you'll be presented with the Campaign Setup flow.

1. Name your Campaign

Call your campaign whatever you like, this is just for recognising your Campaign within the dashboard and won't be seen by anyone.

2. Choose Websites

Then we need to authorise the websites that you wish to display on. You can enter as many as you like, this is useful if you want to use the same campaign across multiple sites or send data across multiple websites.

3. Choose your Kits

Next up, choose which Notifia Notifications you would like to display on your page. You can do this by simply click on the tools, you'll see the borders highlighted in blue once it has been selected. From here, just launch the campaign and this will create a new campaign for you.

4. Customising the Campaign

Now you've installed the kits, you probably want to customise the text, define what pages to display on and how to trigger the notifications.
Press the Settings (Cog) icon on each kit and you'll be presented with the customisation panel.
Here you can customise everything from text, font-size, colours, triggers, what section of the page to display on and more.
Save the changes that you've made and you should see a Green tick showing that the changes have been saved.

5. Launch!

Once you've customised your kits as desired, you're ready to launch your campaign. Just hit the play button in the Management Toolbar, your campaign will be set to active and your Notifications will start displaying immediately!
Awesome! 🙌you've just setup your first Notifia campaign! Have a question, feedback or need support? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with as via Live Chat or at [email protected]