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Widget Isn’t Updating

A Troubleshooting Guide to make sure you always view the most recent version of your Notifia Widgets.
Updated your Widget in the Dashboard but not updating on your website? 🤔
This issue occurs when your browser stores the most recent version of your website locally on your computer, so it doesn't have to fetch clean files every time. This is good for Website Performance, but it means you're not seeing the latest version of your website.

Quick Tips & Fixes

Clear Cache & Local Storage in your Web Browser
Test from a separate Browser or Incognito Window

How to Clear Browser Storage

Don't worry, there's a simple fix that we can apply. Just visit the page you're experiencing issues with and complete the follow:

For Mac users

CMD + Shift + R

Windows Users

CTRL + Shift + R
This tells your browser to load your site from scratch and will show all the most recent content, including your latest Notifia Widget changes.
This will fix the issue for 99% of scenarios
If you are still seeing the old version of your widget, you can try from an 'Incognito window’ in your preferred web browser to make sure it's not browser interference.
If incognito doesn't solve the issue, you can clear Local Storage following the video demonstration below.
Inspect > Application > Local Storage > Clear Files
If you are unable to view your updated widget, please ensure your have saved the changes within the Notifia dashboard.
Please reach out to Customer Support if you need further assistance after completing the above steps, and we will be happy to resolve your issue