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Conversion Feed

How to add Social Proof to your Landing Page, in under 5 minutes.
Conversion Feed displays real-time activity an actions being taken on your website. We track this via the Notifia Pixel.

What Conversions do we track?

Notifia Automatically tracks form submissions on your Website (on pages you specify). We register this as a Conversion. The most common feature, is when a user completes the Checkout Form, Signup Form or Join Newsletter Form. We automatically display this as a Conversion Feed Notification.

Setting up Conversion Feed

Selec the Conversion Feed Widget in your Campaign, then choose the settings icon.

Style of the Widget

  • Close Button: We recommend displaying the Close Button
  • Hide Name: For GDPR & Data Privacy, we will not track First Name in Form Submissions
  • Conversion Text: Adjust this text for your business, a few of the most popular examples include "Recently Signed up for XYZ", "Recently Purchased this item", "Recently Claimed a Free Trial" and "Recently Became a Subscriber.
  • Change Color: You can also change the colors of the widget to match your branding/style.


This is the section where we tell the widget how to behave, where to collect conversions from, and where to display them.


Here we are simply telling the Script where to display. From the Drop Down menu we can choose Exact URL, URL Contains or URL Starts with.
  • Exact URL: If we enter we will display on this page one.
  • URL Contains: If we enter blog it will display on all URLs in the campaign that contains the word "blog"
  • URL starts with: If we enter it will display on all pages in our signup flow
You can also add multiple triggers together, by pressing the blue + icon

Capture From

Capture from allows you to tell us where to listen for new Conversions.
We capture Conversions from Form Submissions, so make sure your Capture Page contains a form.


  • Tracking Sign- ups: You would usually set to your /signup page
  • Tracking Orders: You would usually set to your /orderdetails page

API & Webhooks

You can also send data to us via third-party platforms with our Webhooks & API. Here's a guide


Setup the Conversion Feed but not seeing any Conversions yet, here are some quick troubleshooting tips!
  • Have you received a new Conversion since setting up your Campaign? We only track real-time activity since the campaign has been launched.
  • Pixel is correctly installed? Check Here: Notifia Pixel
  • Ensure you have selected the capture page to a valid URL that contains a Form where a users enters there email.
Have a question? Facing issues? Feedback on this guide? Please contact us via Live Chat or reach out to our support team at [email protected]