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Conversion Summary

Display a summary of real activity taken on your website over the past 7-days
The Conversion Summary is a tool used to Increase Conversions, Trust & Sales on your Website.
Example of Conversion Feed Widget
To get started, head to your Notifia Dashboard, and select the Conversion Feed Widget. Next, just select the 'Settings' icon as shown in the example below.
How to install a Widget in Notifia
Once selected, you will be presented with this page
Notifia Widget Installation


We recommend you to perform the following 2 steps.
  • Adjust Custom Name
  • Adjust Conversion Text


You can leave show on all pages turned on, or you can specify individual pages to display the conversion feed on using the dropdown option.

Capture From

You can let us know which pages to listen to in the capture section of your widget. We capture this information based on Unique Page Visitors to URLs that you specify.
Our triggers include
  • Website URL Contains Keyword
  • Exact Match Website URL
  • UTM targeting (Source, Referral)
  • URL Does Not Contain
  • URL Starts With
You can also add multiple triggers to one widget, but clicking the + icon.