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Email Collection

Email Collection

Email Marketing is an essential part of growing a business and still considered the most valuable piece of information you can collect from a website visitor. Today, we will walk you through how to install, setup, customise and optimise your eMail Collection widget so you can start growing your mailing list & revenue.
Example of Email Collection Widget

Where Can I Use Email Collection?

Email Collection can be executed effectively across your entire website - The most popular pages to use Email Collection are:
  • Landing Page
  • Blog Posts
  • Signup Pages
  • Checkout Pages

How do I customise Email Collection?

To customise Email Collection, first Select Email collection from your Dashboard - Select Email Collection Widget and click the 'settings' icon.
30 Second Setup - eMail Collection Setup Flow!
Have a question or need a hand getting setup? Reach out to our support and we will be happy to help!