Notifia Docs


Welcome to our Changelog, this is a log of all Bug Fixes, Feature Releases and Improvements that have been made in Notifia.

-- Saturday 20th April 2019

Fixed Bug on Social Share Widget

Fixed padding issues on Social Share Widget.

Added 'Days until Plan Limit Resets

Added Display to show amount of time until your current plan limitations reset.

Released Webhooks Integration

Added Webhooks integration to all widgets where Data is being sent, this allows your to integrate Notifia with any marketing software that accepts incoming webhooks, or over 1600+ apps using Zapier.

Analytics Page

Analytics Page is now live - this will display
Unique Visitors: Total Number of unique visitors for this campaign
Impressions: Total number of times your widget(s) have been seen. This will count as 1 impression per Widget.
Engagement: This is when a user interacts with your widget with the desired outcome. i.e: Submits Email Form, Clicks CTA, Submits Survey.

Multiple Styles

You can now choose from Multiple Styles in the Email Collection Widget - we will also be releasing multiple styles for all other widgets in the coming weeks.

Fixed Issue when Branding Displays

Few reports of Branding being manipulated by CSS of the clients web page. All reports of this issue have now been fixed.

Responsive Display Issues for Cookies Widget

Cookies Widget is now fully responsive.

Fixed Bug when adding website in New Campaign

Fixed issue when adding .co the campaign generation would automatically register this as a domain and wouldn't allow the user to enter .com.

Added Referral Trigger

Added referral trigger so widgets can now be displayed based on the source: ?referral='producthunt'

Added Coupon Widget

-- Monday 8th April 2019

Public Roadmap 🗺 ​We've made a bold move... We decided to publicise our entire roadmap: - the Trello Board is fully-interactive, we're a community driven platform and want to give the power back to our users. So get engaging, upvote features and send us any feature suggestions/improvements and upvote existing ones - this is how we will prioritise our development pipeline moving forward!
Earn Cash with Notifia 💰 ​Another Bold Move! We're automatically attaching your affiliate code to branding, so anyone who joins Notifia after clicking branding on your website will automatically be tracked in your affiliate dashboard and you will earn 50% commission on all referrals received! You can view your Referral Dashboard here:
Click to Tweet Widget 🐦 ​Show in-line Tweets in your Blog Posts that visitors can click and automatically share to Twitter! This works great on quotes and is a great way to boost Organic Shares of your blog posts! ​​
GDPR Compliant Email Collection 📧 ​We've added the option for GDPR Compliance in Email Collection Widgets so users will need to agree to your Privacy Policy before they are able to submit your Email Collection Form!
Social Share Widget 🎉 ​Add a Social Share Bar across your website to boost Organic Traffic & Social Signals!​​
Large Call to Action Widget 🏆
Display a Large Call to Action Banner that scrolls with the page - Make announcements, offer Discounts and Increase Conversions! ​​
Usage Statistics 📈 ​You can now view how many visits you've used for your set plan in the widget that appears in the top menu bar on all pages! Advanced analytics will be available this week that will be available for each individual campaign and we are just ironing out the last few bugs! ​​​
Responsive Email Collection 📱 ​We had a few reports of email collection not being 100% responsive on mobile - this has now been fixed!
Responsive Landing Page 📱 ​We also received a lot of requests about making our landing page 100% responsive for mobile, this has now been completed - Please note we don't have plans to make the dashboard responsive at this time or to release Mobile Apps, Notifia is designed as a SaaS Web App and it would be incredibly complex to setup a campaign via Mobile. ​
We've had a huge week at Notifia - welcoming over 1,000 new users to the family in the past 7 days! We've received huge numbers of features requests and great ideas!
Going forward, I'll be sending a weekly email every Monday giving an overview of what's been happening!