Notifia Docs

Content Locker

Content Locker is designed to restrict access to Premium Content, the content can be unlocked in exchange for a share on Social Media

Example of Content Locker

Content Locker supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Share.
The content will automatically appear, and restrict further reading of content. We track the Share Event on Social Media Platforms to verify the content has been shared successfully. When we receive the success event, the Notification will disappear, allowing the user to continue reading content.

How to Setup Content Locker?

Enter the Notifia Dashboard, create a New Campaign and select the Content Locker Widget.

Customisation Options

  • Subtitle Text: Here you can select the text that will display on the widget, it will update in real-time so you can preview the widget from the Notifia Dashboard
  • Share URL: Here you can enter the Website Address that you would like your visitors to share