Notifia Docs

Widget Customization

All of our widgets come with built-in Customization for Colours, Page Display, Triggers, and Integrations.


Colors Customization allow you to change background color, and button colors of the elements displayed on your widgets.
Selecting Custom Colors in Notifia
You can choose from our palette of colours, or enter your own Hex Codes (custom colours) in the input box
Coming Soon we will automatically check colors used on your Website, and override these on your widget, to automatically match your branding.


You can highlight text in your Widget Settings panel, to open text adjustment settings.
Example of Notifia Text Customisation
  • B makes highlighted text Bold
  • I makes highlighted text Italic
  • U adds underline to highlighted text
  • H1 increases font size of selected text for Headings
  • H2 increases font size of selected text for Subheadings
  • Ordered List creates an ordered list from highlighted text
  • Bulleted List adds bullet points to your highlighted text
  • Text Color adjust the text color of your widgets
  • Add Link adds a custom link to your highlighted text


The trigger section allows you to choose what will make your widget display.
By default, show on all pages will be selected. Which will show the Notifia Widget on all pages you have your Notifia Pixel installed.
or, we can select individual pages or groups of pages matching these parameters.
  • Exact URL - will display on the exact URL you enter. example:
  • Referral Source - will display on URLs matching UTM Parameters. example: ?source=facebook
  • URL Contains - will display on all URLs matching a keyword you enter. example: blog
  • URL Doesn't Contain - will display on all pages, that do not contain keyword. example: blog
  • URL Starts with - will display on all pages that start with specified structure. example:


  • Exit Intent will trigger when the users mouse Exits the current page
  • Has been on page will trigger when the user has been on page for X seconds
  • Scrolls at least will trigger when the user scrolls X% down the page


In the display section, we choose the portion of your page your would like to display your widget on.